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Business Storytelling
Telling a Business Story

Telling a Business Story

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Lesson Objectives

Telling a Business Story

  • discover the subject areas that will be covered in this course
  • recognize the benefits of transmitting information via storytelling
  • identify the elements of an effective business storytelling effort
  • recognize actions that create a connection with your audience, increasing the impact of your story
  • recognize key strategies for the initial stages of planning a story
  • identify strategies for outlining the beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • identify strategies for effectively drafting and presenting a business story
  • recognize basic story structures availble for business storytelling
  • Knowledge Check: Telling Business Stories


As humans, we've been using narratives to share our knowledge and experiences with others since the beginning. But effective storytelling, specifically within a business context, requires thoughtful preparation and effective delivery. With practice, using storytelling can improve the way you communicate with key players inside – and outside – your organization.
In this course, you'll learn how to plan and deliver effective stories that engage your target audience and help you accomplish your objectives.


Prerequisites: none

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