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Presenting Virtually
Presenting Virtually

Presenting Virtually

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Lesson Objectives

Presenting Virtually

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • identify the key benefits of delivering virtual presentations that enable you to reach across barriers
  • recognize elements that help you prepare for a successful virtual presentation
  • recognize best practices for keeping a virtual audience engaged
  • Knowledge Check: Applying Your Virtual Presentation Creation Skills
  • recognize simple behavioral strategies to give life to virtual presentations
  • recognize strategies that drive continuous improvement in virtual presentation skills
  • Knowledge Check: Applying Your Virtual Presentation Skills
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course

Virtual presentations are intrinsically a little awkward. Thereís less audience response, itís harder to get a read on how your audience is responding to you, and making eye contact is problematic. Itís easy to forget that even when you canít see everyone, theyíre listening, and they need your attention. All of these can increase a presenterís anxiety, but it doesnít have to be that way. In this course, youíll learn how presenting virtually can increase your reach and bridge differences, the ways in which presenting virtually is similar to--and different from--presenting face-to-face, and how to set the virtual stage for success. Youíll discover behavioral strategies to make virtual presentations come alive, and how to plan your presentations for the unique challenges of remote presenting. And youíll also explore techniques, both technological and personal, that can ensure that every virtual presentation you give is better than the one before.


Prerequisites: none

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