Professional Effectiveness
Writing a Business Case
Developing an Effective Business Case

Developing an Effective Business Case

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Lesson Objectives

Developing an Effective Business Case

  • identify the functions of a business case
  • recognize what needs to be researched before writing a business case
  • recognize steps for aligning a new project with your company's strategic goals
  • recognize guidelines for deciding who should be involved in writing a business case
  • identify guidelines for successful business case layout
  • recognize the elements of the main body of a business case
  • identify the characteristics of an effective presenter
  • use strategies to create effective business cases

Presenting a business case to the executives of your company is a daunting task. That's why you need to put time and effort into planning, writing, and presenting a winning business case. This course prepares learners interested in the development of effective business cases. You'll learn what a business case is and when one is used, how to align it with your company's goals, what research you need to do, and what information should be included in your business case. Finally, you'll learn how to present your business case to decision-makers.

Target Audience
Anyone involved with a business case, whether planning, writing, presenting a new case, or making decisions based on a complete case

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