Professional Effectiveness
Building, Rebuilding and Sustaining Trust
The Building Blocks of Building Trust

The Building Blocks of Building Trust

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Lesson Objectives

The Building Blocks of Building Trust

  • recognize trustworthy people based on their behaviors
  • recognize opportunities to demonstrate trustworthiness at work
  • identify readiness factors to build trust with others
  • connect with others in a way that promotes trust building
  • recognize listening skills to seek to understand others
  • demonstrate ways to maintain trust while collaborating
  • recognize the steps for confronting broken trust with communication
  • recognize strategies for rebuilding trust

Can I trust you? This is what others may ask, often silently, when they work and engage with you. It's also what you ask about another person as well. If you want people to trust you, a firm handshake and good eye contact is not enough. You have to build trust like a mason builds a wall – one stone at a time. It rarely comes ready-made. But when you've taken the effort to build it and it is solid, you want to maintain it for a long time. Trust is a core ingredient in most every positive relationship. Without trust, the mason's wall takes on a whole new analogy – a barrier with no gate for entry. In this course, you'll explore what makes you and others trustworthy, how to demonstrate trustworthiness, and the importance of extending trust to receive trust.

Target Audience
Anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for developing and sustaining trusting relationships.

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