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Business Ethics Essentials
Developing Your Business Ethics

Developing Your Business Ethics

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Lesson Objectives

Developing Your Business Ethics

  • recognize common myths about business ethics
  • define ethical approaches
  • recognize the values associated with the code of conduct standards of fairness and respect
  • recognize the values associated with the code of conduct standards of responsibility and honesty
  • recognize the steps for developing a personal code of conduct
  • identify appropriate strategies for removing obstacles to ethical behavior
  • sequence the steps for making an ethically defensible decision

It's not always easy to decide between right and wrong at work. Understanding ethics can help you to discern the right thing to do in difficult situations. In this course, you'll learn some basic myths about business ethics, and consider some ethical approaches you could follow at work. You'll also learn about the ethical values that a code of ethical conduct is based on, and learn how to develop a personal code of conduct. You'll explore some obstacles of ethical conduct, and learn strategies for overcoming them. And finally, you'll learn how to make ethically defensible decisions.

Target Audience
Individuals at all levels of an organization who should understand the impact of ethical and unethical behavior in the workplace.

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