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Zoom: Creating, Joining & Managing Meetings

Zoom: Creating, Joining & Managing Meetings

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Lesson Objectives

Zoom: Creating, Joining & Managing Meetings

  • sign in and out of the application and discover the interface
  • create meetings, invite people and discover the meeting features
  • schedule, view and manage meetings
  • install the Outlook plug-in and schedule meetings using the application
  • learn different ways to join a meeting
  • manage participants, audio and video options, and the view mode
  • share and annotate your screen as well as send and receive files
  • record, manage and configure a meeting
  • send and receive messages, and save a chat
  • configure the general settings as well as audio, video and screen settings


Zoom is an online communication platform that you can access from its web page or by downloading the application. You can use the different features to easily set up and hold meetings from your home.

You can plan when a meeting will take place and choose who to invite. Zooms also allows you to connect your events to your calendar and if you have Outlook plug in you can create zoom meetings directly from your email client. This course is going to show you how to easily join and create meetings and discover the meeting room interface. For example, why not share your screen with others to be able to annotate a document together? Or use the chat feature to communicate with participants during a meeting.


Prerequisites: none

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