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Writing Skills for Technical Professionals
Improving Your Technical Writing Skills

Improving Your Technical Writing Skills

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Lesson Objectives

Improving Your Technical Writing Skills

  • identify common writer errors
  • sequence the steps in planning a piece of writing
  • recognize guidelines for writing instructions
  • recognize guidelines for writing training material
  • recognize guidelines for writing reference materials
  • recognize guidelines for writing persuasively

Technical writing is a skill. It involves producing technical documents that are suited to the requirements, comprehension level, and background of its readers. In this course, you'll learn how to avoid common writing pitfalls, and how to structure your writing effectively. You'll find out how to tailor your writing to the specific requirements of different types of technical material – so that whether you want to persuade or to instruct, you'll be able to achieve your writing goals.

Target Audience
Technical professionals wishing to improve their writing skills, including IT personnel such as programmers and systems engineers as well as technical engineering and scientific professionals.

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