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Patch Management Strategies
Security Strategy: Patch Management Strategies

Security Strategy: Patch Management Strategies

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Lesson Objectives

Security Strategy: Patch Management Strategies

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • define patch management for incident response and describe how patch management affects the incident response team and the Security Operations Center
  • describe the benefits and importance of a patch management strategy
  • prioritize and rate the importance of patches for the software development environment
  • describe the baselining, hardening, and how to develop a backout plan
  • describe testing and configuration management in patch management
  • describe vendor patches and how to implement them
  • recognize the open source and commercially available tools that are used for patch management
  • describe the process of rolling out patches in a patch management program and patch update policies
  • recognize the various tools and techniques for automating patch implementations in organizations and the benefits they provide
  • describe patch management in an Agile environment
  • describe patching for serverless systems and the benefits of patching strategies using serverless systems
  • recognize proper organizational patching strategies, how they are implemented, and the benefits of the implementation methods
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course


Discover how patch management strategies are an important part of an overall security strategy, beginning with basic patch management concepts and how to prioritize what to patch and when. Examine best practices, what to do when vendor-specific issues occur, and how to get issues patched before they become a threat. Explore various tools and techniques used to patch and harden systems and the process of implementing patches, including automating the process to make things easier for the day-to-day SecOps professional. Look at how to analyze and assess patches before implementation to prevent any unknowns or issues. Finally, how patch management fits into the Agile software development process and how to implement patches in a serverless architecture are also covered.


Prerequisites: none

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