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Pen Testing End-user Behavior
Pen Testing: End-user Behavior

Pen Testing: End-user Behavior

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Lesson Objectives

Pen Testing: End-user Behavior

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • identify penetration testing types and describe their reliance on end-user behavior
  • describe the limitations of penetration testing and challenges for organizations
  • identify the role of human error in causing data breaches
  • describe the role of end-user awareness in preventing cybersecurity attacks and during penetration testing
  • describe user behavior analytics and why it is important during penetration testing
  • identify tools for performing user behavior analytics
  • identify how to translate penetration testing results into a formalized report that can be used for the end-user awareness program
  • recognize social engineering attacks and how to they relate to penetration testing
  • describe how to perform social engineering penetration testing
  • describe the goals of social engineering penetration tests
  • describe tips and tricks for preventing social engineering attacks
  • describe the role of human behavior in penetration testing
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course


Explore the limitations of penetration testing, as well as how end-user behavior affects this process. Discover how human error can cause data breaches and the importance of end-user awareness. Examine tools used to perform user behavior analytics, social engineering attacks and countermeasures, and how to create penetration testing reports.


Prerequisites: none

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