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Tracking Incidents
Incident Tracking & Response

Incident Tracking & Response

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Lesson Objectives

Incident Tracking & Response

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe the key terms and definitions for communicating incident tracking concepts
  • describe the categories of incidents and how they need to be tracked
  • describe who needs to have access to incident tracking information
  • describe how incident tracking can be integrated into an organization
  • describe effective incident tracking practices
  • describe tools used for incident tracking
  • describe approaches to setting incident response policies
  • describe metrics used to measure the effectiveness of incident tracking
  • describe the continuous monitoring approach to active incident tracking
  • describe the life cycle of an attack and how it is tracked
  • describe how to take a proactive approach to tracking incidents
  • describe some of the cyber-security regulations when it comes to tracking and responding to incidents
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course


Explore incident tracking and response measures from the standpoint of a security architect. Familiarize yourself with how to identify, categorize, track, and respond to incidents, as well as incident categories, integrating tracking into an organization, effective tracking, and tracking tools. In addition, discover how to set incident response policies, use response metrics, and work with the continuous monitoring approach to tracking. Cybersecurity regulations you should be know about are also covered.


Prerequisites: none

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