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Test Driven Development
Test Driven Development: Implementing TDD

Test Driven Development: Implementing TDD

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Lesson Objectives

Test Driven Development: Implementing TDD

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • differentiate between SDLC and STLC, including features and uses
  • describe TDD, its methodology, advantages, and usage scenarios
  • describe AMDD, differentiate between TDD and AMDD, and recognize the edge AMDD has over TDD
  • describe the implementation of test driven development in data science workflows
  • refactor code using best practices
  • implement TDD with the utilization of best practices
  • describe tips for mastering TDD, the drawbacks of TDD, and the methodology that can be implemented in place of TDD
  • implement TDD using the Jest Testing Framework
  • implement BDD best practices
  • implement TDD unit testing in Python
  • apply the TDD process in microservices
  • configure and use keywords in the Cucumber framework
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course


Explore the differences between the Software Development Life Cycle and the Software Testing Life Cycle. Examine Test Driven Development and Agile Model Driven Development, including advantages, usage scenarios, and the differences between them. Discover how to implement TDD in data science workflows, drawbacks of TDD, and replacement methodologies. In addition, how to refactor code, implement TDD using Java and the Jest Testing Framework, implement best practices for BDD, implement TDD unit testing with Python, apply the TDD process in microservices, and configure the Cucumber framework for TDD is also covered.


Prerequisites: none

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