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Testing Android Apps with Genymotion
Genymotion: Testing Android Apps

Genymotion: Testing Android Apps

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Lesson Objectives

Genymotion: Testing Android Apps

  • start the course
  • recognize what Genymotion is, and why it is a valuable tool
  • recognize the capabilities of the platform, how it can be extended, and its roadmap
  • recognize AOSP and its relationship with Genymotion
  • recognize the overall architecture of Genymotion
  • implement Genymotion plugin within Android Studio
  • recognize when Genymotion should be used over alternatives
  • use the Genymotion emulator to test an Android application
  • recognize the default pre-configurations of the device emulators for Genymotion
  • recognize some critical best practices, tips, and tricks when leveraging Genymotion for Android development
  • implement Java API for automated tests and test with Genymotion
  • use the command line tool for Genymotion configuration
  • configure Sensor Emulation for Genymotion for an Android application
  • configure the camera for Genymotion for an Android application
  • configure GPS for Genymotion for an Android application
  • handle custom devices when using Genymotion
  • test an application with Genymotion
  • conduct deployment testing of an application with Genymotion
  • use ADB with Genymotion
  • recognize the key differences between the versions available for Genymotion
  • recognize how VirtualBox works in conjunction with Genymotion
  • deploy a mobile app to the Genymotion emulator

Genymotion is an efficient Android emulator for testing Android applications. This course covers all main aspects from configuration, to deploying a test application to the Emulator.

Target Audience
Android developers who have experience creating apps using Java, and who want to use efficient emulators for application testing

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