Business Skills

Every member of every organization must have the necessary skills to achieve company goals and implement business strategies set forth by the executives. It is these business skills that we take for granted and do not realize their true relevance to business development, until they are lacking.

Keeping your staff’s skill set and knowledge up-to-date is vital to the strength and success of your company. Partnering with CBT Campus will allow you to provide the employee training you need on tightened budgets, without interrupting their daily work production.

We deliver Skillsoft’s award-winning training, used by fortune 500 companies and the U.S. government, to small and midsize businesses and goal-oriented individuals. Our online business skills training courses provide self-paced, hands-on training to corporations looking to maintain profitability and individuals interested in improving their skill sets. Our training will help ensure your future success in today’s competitive world.

Companies are dependent on professional experts who have undergone required training to achieve business certification. Expertise is required in the fields of quality assurance, project management, business analysis, IT management and human resources. Globally, companies are ensuring that their businesses are driven by certified experts. Every certified expert needs to undergo extensive testing to meet the certification requirements.

Skillsoft’s business certification training offers curricula for the most prominent business certifications available. These courses align with the bodies of knowledge from world renowned institutes and societies and the requirements that these organizations mandate for business certification.

Referenceware Collections

Professionals across all job functions rely on these collections of online books to support them in their everyday activities by increasing their productivity and developing their knowledge. Our collections are available on an annual subscription basis and you can choose one or more online books for unlimited, anytime access.

BusinessPro™ Referenceware Library
BusinessPro, Powered by Books24x7, covers all aspects of corporate performance support, professional development and key business topics with content from the industry's leading business publishers. Professionals rely on BusinessPro for all business needs, including recruiting, hiring, training, for insight on strategic development, return on investment and more.

FinancePro™ Referenceware Library
FinancePro, Powered by Books24x7, offers financial professionals instant access to relevant, reliable information on a variety of financial and accounting topics. FinancePro’s comprehensive library, quickly locates the answers professionals need to make better-informed business decisions and deliver projects on time.

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