Compliance Solutions

Understanding compliance laws and regulations is vital for all members of an organization. An employee’s lack of knowledge on these legal mandates could prove to be a company's biggest liability. Compliance training solutions are needed to decrease the likelihood of a lawsuit, reduce the company's exposure to legal liability and help protect the company’s overall image.

We provide comprehensive legal compliance training solutions covering a wide range of topics, including ethics, harassment, employment issues, diversity, wage & hour, privacy, government contracting, and much more. Skillsoft has partnered with nationally-recognized law firms to serve as subject matter experts (SMEs) in the development and maintenance of the Legal Compliance Solution content. They work with experienced lawyers who are specialists in their fields and who confront challenging compliance issues on a daily basis. This provides an effective way to keep current with changes in the law and developments in compliance strategies, all while bringing a real-world, practical approach to compliance training. The courses in Skillsoft's Legal Compliance Solution feature a high level of interactivity and scenario-based content presentation.

Safety training is a must in the workplace. The risk of not complying with federal regulations is a high price to pay for today’s enterprises. Whether your organization operates in an office, the field or production environment, workplace safety violation fines and plant shutdowns can have a significant impact on business and the bottom line. Today’s organizations strive to maintain a culture where employees feel motivated and productive. A safe and healthy work environment also helps to reduce costly turnover. With that said, an enterprise-wide safety training program would help your organization comply with workplace safety, construction safety, or occupational safety guidelines set forth by OSHA regulations and more.

Skillsoft’s ES&H training solution offers hundreds of hours of approved courseware, in addition to a robust and flexible infrastructure and a proven methodology and implementation process.

Referenceware Collections

Professionals across all job functions rely on these collections of online books to support them in their everyday activities by increasing their productivity and developing their knowledge. Our collections are available on an annual subscription basis and you can choose one or more online books for unlimited, anytime access.

BusinessPro™ Referenceware Library
BusinessPro, Powered by Books24x7, covers all aspects of corporate performance support, professional development and key business topics with content from the industry's leading business publishers. Professionals rely on BusinessPro for all business needs, including recruiting, hiring, training, for insight on strategic development, return on investment and more.

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