Desktop Courses

Organizations of every size and business model need desktop computer skills as a basic building block of success. Proficiency with desktop software increases productivity and facilitates better business results. By honing their desktop skills, your employees can create more effective spreadsheets, better reports and more dynamic presentations.

Skillsoft's Desktop Skills Course Collection offers numerous resources to assist professionals who rely upon standard desktop applications. Our desktop solutions are ideal for day-to-day performance support, as well as supporting major corporate software migrations.

We offer the most comprehensive and compelling e-learning content for desktop certification training. Our Microsoft Office training courseware teaches the features and navigation of new and earlier versions of Microsoft Office Suite. These learning programs map to the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams.

The Microsoft Office Course Collection includes an array of online courses and supporting resources including live, online mentors to assist with your certification exam preparation.

Referenceware Collections

Professionals across all job functions rely on these collections of online books to support them in their everyday activities by increasing their productivity and developing their knowledge. Our collections are available on an annual subscription basis and you can choose one or more online books for unlimited, anytime access.

OfficeEssentials™ Referenceware Library
OfficeEssentials, Powered by Books24x7, covers Microsoft's Office applications from 1997 to 2003, Adobe's Photoshop, and PC basics such as using browsers, settings, and printers. Consisting of practical, “how-to” content in easy-to-understand language without the technical jargon, OfficeEssentials is the first line of support for everyday questions and problems that interrupt daily workflow.

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